Haute Couture for High-End Technology®

Skincover® Paris made and fabricated, in partnership with artists from different horizons, Skincovers® that are 100% made in France. The objective: to personalize and protect your smartphones, tablets, and laptops while keeping them classy. The advantage: the technology provided in a Skincover® enables your phone to adhere to all glass and other sleek surfaces.

A case? A sticker? It is even better! It is a Skincover®!


What is a Skincover®?

A Skincover® is a second skin for your phone, fitting seamlessly along its body. It is 100% made in France.

It is not a sticker! It is a Skincover® that is made from a highly engineered silicone resin of only 2.5mm, that also offers 3D effects and protects your phone against shocks and scratches.

The Skincover® protects and personalizes your device without compromising on design. Created from a silicone resin that is thicker and more resistant than any simple sticker, a Skincover® has for purpose to bring to you ultimate fortification and design aesthetic without compromising on style and protection.


The Anti-Slip advantage

Devices adorned with ready-to-wear Skincover® Paris will no longer slide off of any slick surface. Thanks to their engineered composition, they adhere to all windowed and sleek surfaces.

We start with the principle that a phone that slips and falls less, breaks less (better be pragmatic). We then move on to remember that this practical safety precaution also comes in very handy in our daily activities. Your device now sticks to any window or sleek surface… which means it can be used in you car, on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, and even most countertops!

We are not magicians! We just engineered, into the case, a protection layer that has anti-slip properties and creates a “suction effect” on sleek or glass surfaces.


The artistic angle

Skincover® also functions as an artistic expression. We have designers the create various designs based on external demand, style trends, and artistic views that are then transmitted to our designers and infographists who translate the designs into a Skincover®. These designs then become different models of ours and part of our different collections.


Quality and care of Skincover® Paris

Skincover® Paris takes pride in being wholly made in France. All Skincovers® are imagines, created, and packaged in France. It enables us stringent quality control for a high end product for our clients. Thus we have a product that is 100% made in France. Our Skincovers® are also reusable and can be reapplied to your device thanks to 3M technology (world-wide adhesive leader).


Screensaver and wallpaper available for free download


Each Skincover® is designed and created with a screensaver or wallpaper that is perfectly adapted to complete the design.

To download your free Skincover® screensaver or wallpaper, all you have to do is to go to the web page with your product under the download tab.


With the goal to constantly be fashionable and to allow you to be unique, Skincover® Paris is dedicated to creating new lines and collections that are always new, on trend, and seasonable, to fit your mood and to fit every new phone design. This way, when you’re like us and want a new phone, you can be sure to have a new Skincover® waiting to decorate and protect it. We are your solution!


10 reasons to dress and protect your high-tech devices with a Skincover®

Adhesive protection

Protection without affecting your phone

Personalized design

Simple application and removal process

Reapplication ability

3D effect

3M technology

Suctioning effect

Doesn’t leave any residue


How to apply your Skincover®?

Remove the product from its packaging. Clean or wipe down any surfaces on your phone that will come into contact with your Skincover®. To perfectly apply your Skincover®, make sure that the corners are straight and that the cutout alignes perfectly with your phone (camera, screen, speaker). It is not a big deal if you accidently apply the Skincover® sideways! All feedback777.com/skincover products can be reapplied. Once you are satisfied with your application, apply light pressure on the cover so that it joins perfectly to your device. Don’t forget to keep the packaging (white support piece) that will serve as safeguard for your Skincover® when you decide to switch to a new design.


How to switch to a new Skincover®?

Being that Skincovers® are repositionable and can be reapplied, you can easily develop a new wardrobe of cases for your high-tech devices!

Carefully remove the front piece that is placed around your device’s screen. Use extra caution with Iphone 4/4S models in order to not damage the edges. Then, once the back is removed, simply store your old Skincover®  and put a new one on your device.

And now, you are a pro at dressing your new phone in its Skincover®  wardrobe!