Skincover Paris ® designs and manufactures two or three collections per year with its artists.
But also manufactures Skincover ® for many brands of ready to wear and haute couture.
Today Skincover ® are fashion accessories in their own right.
Skincover ® Paris aspires to what men and women of today and tomorrow will constitute
a guard of dress for their high-tech products.


Skincover Unkut


A meeting! Ünkut the brand was born in New York in 2004, the meeting between Booba and Viguen Murat. Viguen then worked for fashion houses. It's over several discussions, these two artists from completely different environments, had the idea to build the charisma Booba and know-how to create a brand Viguen the new identity. The concept meet the luxury and the streetwear. The project is initiated. Ünkut as a project to bring its audience around urban culture and sports, through collaborations. Ünkut has always supported cultural events of Street Art. Graffiti exhibitions or competitions urban dance take us into a cosmopolitan world and creativity that is the brand. In this atmosphere where sharing and freedom of expression prevail, Ünkut appreciated by artists for its openness. This feature to bring people from different backgrounds around a common center of interest is found in art as in sport. Sport is multicultural activity par excellence, which includes all socio-professional categories. Sports such as football and basketball, sports ride like BMX or skateboarding, but also combat sports like kickboxing, reflected by their spirit of competition and fighting, the temperament of the brand. Through active participation in these areas Ünkut became streetwear brand No. 1 in France.


Skincover Slave


Slave as a snook to the conventions. Slave because fashionistas and Lookes boys today assume their status as victims of fashion. Better, they are proud. Slave as the standard-bearer of a generation Y claiming loudly blows his head and heart strokes. Slave? Yes, the present moment, a life guided by the right to pleasure and lightness. Especially in these times of crisis when the superfluous seems even more essential. Slave, but certainly not submitted.




The Mossi brand was born from the initiative of two creators Mossi & Zhen invading podiums since 2011. Mossi is a Franco-Malian designer noted for his singular signing combining ingenuity and creativity fueled by passion sublimate women. Associated Zhen, young Chinese artist who combines technical expertise and attention to detail, and they mix materials and play on overlays to give birth to and inspired living collections. Their talent and originality are Mossi & Zhen a pair of the most confusing and elusive of our generation. Art does not invent, he was.


Fun Radio


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