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 Skincovershop creates and manufactures, in partnership with artists from different backgrounds, skincover © 100% made in France.

Dear artists more visibility brings you Skincovershop your art and your creations earns you Euros.

Sell your works of art is very simple, the more you earn money. The only thing to do is send your designs and / or illustrations Mail n.graham @, they will be adapted to our skincover.

When your work is sold, we manufacture and ship the product. Your account is automatically credited.


The procedure for an artist is simple:


1.Envoyez Email your designs to our Artistic Director n.graham @ (resolution ca. 300x500 pixels)

2.We will contact you if your design is selected to be sold on our site

3.On each product sold you earn a 10% commission, no matter the amount. Eg for skincover sold you will receive € 2.49.


Would you like to communicate a concept, an idea or a particular design?

Contact us: send your ideas and suggestions to the following e-mail or contact us on our facebook page


Withdraw your money

Upon request at any time through our Artist (j.ayoun @, you can transfer your profits. Several options are available to you: - Paypal - Cheque - voucher offer.